Tiny Homes

At A Lee Dog Story, we are committed to engaging the public with stories of life on the streets and recovery through the power of art, film and storytelling.

As Homes for Hearts Memphis creates permanent supportive housing with quality, self-managed Cottage Court communities of cost-effective tiny homes for people experiencing homelessness in Memphis, A Lee Dog Story will engage these communities and the greater Memphis community in the stories of those who experience homelessness through the form of a TV docuseries.

Homes for Hearts is a nonprofit organization in the process of acquiring 501(c)(3) status.

A Lee Dog Story is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


At A Lee Dog Story and Homes for Hearts, we believe that Tiny Homes and Cottage Courts are the solution to Memphis’ affordable housing crisis.

There are still over 1,200 individuals and families without permanent, stable housing on any given night in our city and tens of thousands of additional families that are severely cost burdened and at risk of facing homelessness. 

Tiny homes are the cheapest, most sustainable, and most ecologically friendly solution to creating permanent, affordable housing in various neighborhoods in Memphis.

Cottage Courts can provide our residents and city connectivity, sustainability, livability, and opportunity, and pave the way towards home ownership. 

Homes for Hearts was formed as a result of the Memphis 3.0 plan, which was directed by Mayor Jim Strickland to recommend “Building Up, Not Out”. Core focus areas of the Memphis 3.0 plan are connectivity, sustainability, livability, and opportunity. Homes for Hearts will be such a place.

Memphis Art Prints

Art is incredibly powerful and helps to connect and celebrate community, showcase values, and embrace the humanity of all people. In order to change the current paradigm on homelessness in Memphis and around the country, A Lee Dog Story and Homes for Hearts will come together as a community to learn more about the humanity of those experiencing homelessness through a variety of artistic mediums.

A Lee Dog Story is collaborating with different artists from around the world to create a series of art prints inspired by our nonprofit organization. Exclusive, original and affordable art prints by nationally recognized artists will be released on our website, with 100% proceeds going to our 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit organization, A Lee Dog Story.

TV Series

Through the form of a TV docuseries and with the help of a National Media Network, A Lee Dog Story aims to help raise national awareness of some of the causes and effects surrounding homelessness, helping create a new paradigm on poverty and homelessness

By connecting with our audience, we hope our TV Series will push viewers to think more openly, and challenge themselves to see the world from a different viewpoint. We believe that by bringing the world together to share these stories of homelessness and a community uniting, it will help make us more tolerant of difference and of one another.

Save a life in Memphis!

Help build Tiny Homes in Memphis for those experiencing homelessness and Donate your home today!

$15,000 includes foundation, frame, insulation, electrical, plumbing, roof, interior walls and floor.

Do you own a furniture store? Help change a life in Memphis today!

Become a sponsor and help furnish a Tiny Home in Memphis for one of our Homestead residents!

(1) stove, (1) microwave, (1) refrigerator, (1) small kitchen table, (1) portable air conditioner, (2) radiator heaters, (2) fans, (1) couch, (1) recliner, (1) coffee table, (1 end table), (2) floor lamps, (1 table lamp), (2) chairs, (1) mattress, (1) box spring and (1) bed frame, (1) area rug, (1) dresser.

Help complete a Tiny Home in Memphis!

$2,500 includes (1) toilet, (1) bathroom sink, (1) bathroom vanity, (1) shower, (1) kitchen sink, kitchen cabinets.