A Lee Dog Story is collaborating with different artists from around the world to create a series of art prints inspired by our nonprofit organization.

Exclusive, original and affordable art prints by nationally recognized artists will be released on our website, with 100% proceeds going to our 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit organization, A Lee Dog Story.

Memphis Pointillism Artist, Kelly Owens

” My favorite part of being a creative is when I share my work and a complete stranger sheds a tear, or says, “ I really feel this”, and for a moment, we pop the bubbles- we see commonalities instead of difference, togetherness instead of isolation, individuals instead of snap judgments… and in an instant, a connection is formed.” – Kelly Owens


Memphis Graphic Artist, Mitchell Dunnam

“Good art brings people together by allowing them to embrace a similar concept. When art can invoke people to join together, we can create beauty.”  – Mitchell Dunnam


Memphis Graphic Artist, Mitchell Dunnam


Hip Hop legend and Artist, Eligh of Living Legends

A dream is like a life you see it comes from a seed
A tiny one called hope that blossoms in your time of need
It can’t be harvested or rushed by lust, greed
When no one else will, you must believe – Eligh Nachowitz


Award Winning Artist, Carl E. Moore

“I consider my work to be a form of visual communication using simplicity and depth to express social and ethical issues. – Carl E. Moore


Memphis Artist, Stacey Johnson

“Reaching beyond colors, status and other boundaries to save each other.” – Stacey Johnson

Memphis Photographer, David Vaughn Mason


Two-time Emmy Award winning Street Artist, Sake One

“Street Art is in the public domain, delivering messages we may need to hear or see, improving civic and cultural landscape and giving a voice to the spirit of this region. Art is and always has been the most powerful and long-lasting way to impact an individual, a community or a region.”      – Sake One

At A Lee Dog Story, we believe that art is incredibly powerful and helps to connect and celebrate community, showcase values, and embrace the humanity of all people. In order to change the current paradigm on homelessness in Memphis and around the country, we will come together as a community to learn more about the humanity of those experiencing homelessness through a variety of artistic mediums.