At A Lee Dog Story, we believe that art is incredibly powerful and helps to connect and celebrate community, showcase values, and embrace the humanity of all people. In order to change the current paradigm on homelessness in Memphis and around the country, we will come together as a community to learn more about the humanity of those experiencing homelessness through a variety of artistic mediums. 

A Lee Dog Story is collaborating with different artists from around the world to create a series of art prints inspired by our nonprofit organization.

Exclusive, original and affordable art prints by nationally recognized artists will be released on our website, with 100% proceeds going to our 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit organization, A Lee Dog Story.

“This design of the Memphis City Pyramid was inspired by nonprofit, A Lee Dog Story. Help build tiny homes in Memphis for the homeless, and buy a cool art print!” – Mitchell Dunnam


Two-time Emmy Award winning artist, Sake One has created a 15′ street art mural for A Lee Dog Story in San Diego! Purchase an art print today for a good cause.


August 2018

Lee Brown

Spray Paint on Brick Wall

34th & Swift Alley 

San Diego, CA 

Featured Artist

sake one

Born in 1969 in El Paso, Texas, two-time EMMY award winning artist Sake, began his art career with inspiration from New York City’s subway graffiti. In 1982, Sake became one of the first graffiti artists in California.

Sake, the last in a long list of nom de plumes, with his stylized lettering and characters inspired hundreds of kids across San Diego County to pick up the spray can as a medium to create art. Sake’s reputation as a serious artist grew out of respect for his technical skill, creating his first portrait with spray paint in 1986.

In 1991, he won two EMMY awards for his spray paint work for the Fox network. Since then, Sake has also been a featured artist on national and local television and news segments, published in various art magazines both in the US and abroad, contributed to and filmed in documentaries and interviewed and read in a variety of periodicals and works including the book, ‘The History of American Graffiti’.

PhotographyAvalon Yarnes: Avalon Cakes [}

& Tim Hernandez: Milton Motion [] [@miltonmotion]

“Street Art is in the public domain, delivering messages we may need to hear or see, improving civic and cultural landscape and giving a voice to the spirit of this region. Art is and always has been the most powerful and long-lasting way to impact an individual, a community or a region.”      – Sake One

“Good art brings people together by allowing people to embrace a similar concept. When art can invoke people to join together we can create beauty.”  – Mitchell Dunnam

Film: Chris O’Conner: Prodigi Arts []

Edited by : Zach Waters, Founder of A Lee Dog Story